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The setting for the book takes place in Pennsylvania, where the Battle of Gettys- burg is fought. The Killer Angels takes the reader to Gettysburg and makes him privy to the thoughts and conversations of the soldiers.

The right to deny other people their basic human rights, absolutely and unconditionally, to tear their families apart and trade them like cattle and abuse them and subjugate them.

Shaara portrays the terrible butchery of the three days' fighting through the vividly ren- dered thoughts and emotions of men such as General Robert E. Longstreet has a defensive, trench-digging campaign in mind for the Confederates' invasion into the North.

The novel was authored by Michael Shaara. The book does a great job at sticking to the facts, and even getting both the Northern and Southern points of view, with only a slight focus more primarily towards the Confederate perspective. Lee and recalls what he saw.

Far more than rifles and bullets were carried into battle. This is a pretty good description of how the Lost Cause treated Pickett's Charge. He talks to them about why they are fighting. Just a little black mark, a defiant stand, Buford praying the cavalry will arrive in time.

The book also presents the happenings of the war in a chronological manner that is easily understandable among readers. The sun rises the next morning, as Colonel of the Union forces, Joshua L. He thought they were invincible. Chamberlain's father remarked that man would have to be a killer angel.

A spy comes to Longstreet and informs him that he has seen the Union army moving nearby. History should be based on the actual happenings in order to help individuals discover the actual truth of the matters that transpired during that time. A final nugget of wisdom…as some of you know I teach language arts to eighth graders.

Chamberlain gives one to the deserters of the Second Maine that are transferred to his unit. Some puzzles require the talents of a specific killer7 member. Chamberlain is informed that he is the extreme left on the Union line meaning he could not retreat.

Chamberlain tells the men that they are not fighting for land or power, but for the right for other men to be free. Buford was from Kentucky a slave-owning border state with strong family ties to the South.

Although the narrative moves through the minds of Lee, Meade, Pickett, and many others even a Confederate spyShaara presents much of the story through the eyes of Union Colonel Chamberlain, a Bowdoin professor who commanded a regiment from Maine that got hit at Little Round Top on day two and in the center line on day three when they were supposed to be relieved; and of Lee's trusted, careful right hand, General Longstreet.

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The two men trust each other and are concerned for one another's safety. Longstreet tries to convince Lee one last time to call off his attack, assuring him that attacking will lose them the war. He listens to the men's side of the story.

Garcian travels to the Union Hotel where he witnesses visions of the other members being killed in their rooms. Chamberlain is given one hundred twenty new men to join his army; mutineers from the old Second Maine. Take a Third Option: He is wounded after they get their nerves back.

Chamberlain, John Buford, switching back and forth between Union and Confederate points of view. They include General Robert E. The Wrath of Khan. Learn the killer angels with free interactive flashcards.

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How? The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War (Th and millions of other books are available for instant Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. The Killer Angels is a wonderful novel but the audio book is terrible.

How do you go from wonderful novel to terrible CD? Have Stephen Hoye read it in an agonizingly slow, breathy style of speach that is typically reserved for conversations with children or girlfriends.

Killer angels book review
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